• CoBIUS: We are a Computational Biology Team at the Computer Science (Informatique) Department of Université de Sherbrooke with team members from diverse origins bringing various expertise. The lab is headed by Professor Aïda Ouangraoua, Ph.D., MSc Eng, and we work in close collaboration with life scientists to validate our tools by solving biological questions on real data.
  • Research: Our research projects proceed from computational biology questions related to the comparison of genomic and transcriptomic data. We develop innovative mathematical models and computational tools to study and solve biologically motivated questions aimed at understanding the evolution of genomes and their components. We focus on questions related to the evolution of genome structures, gene architectures, and RNA structures.
  • News:

February 2020. Welcome back to Yanchun for his third internship.
December 2019. Congratulations to Esaie, Safa, and Aïda for a paper published at BMC on SimSpliceEvol: alternative splicing-aware simulation of biological sequence evolution.
October 2019. Esaie and Aïda attend RECOMB-CG 2019.
September 2019. Welcome to Yoann and Ibrahim as new postdoc interns in the team.
August 2019. Welcome to Abigail, Ahlem and Davy as new master students in the team.
July 26th, 2019. Congratulations to Esaie, Safa and Aïda for a paper accepted at RECOMB-CG2019 on SimSpliceEvol: Alternative splicing-aware simulation of biological sequence evolution.