• CoBIUS: We are a Computational Biology Team at the Computer Science (Informatique) Department of Université de Sherbrooke with team members from diverse origins bringing various expertises. The lab is headed by Professor Aïda Ouangraoua, PhD, Msc Eng, and we work in close collaboration with life scientists to validate our tools by solving biological questions on real data.
  • Research: Our research projects proceed from computational biology questions related to the comparison of genomic and transcriptomic data. We develop innovative mathematical models and computational tools to study and solve biologically motivated questions aimed at understanding the evolution of genomes and their components. We focus on questions related to the evolution of genome structures, gene architectures and RNA structures.
  • News:

June 18 2018. Welcome to Valentin​ as a intern student in the team.
June 11 2018. Welcome to Marie​ as a intern student in the team.
May 3rd 2018. A video of Aïda by Audrey Chagnon (Chaire pour les femmes en Sciences et en Génie au Québec). Aïda talks about her interest for science and the research community, and especially the importance of teamwork, diversity and inclusion in research.

May 1st 2018. Welcome to Yanchun​ as a intern student in the team.
– April 30th 2018. Congratulations to Esaie who successfully passed his proposal thesis examination.
– Mars 22th 2018. Congratulations to Jean-Pierre and Aïda for a paper accepted at ISMB2018 on  aliFreeFold: an alignment-free approach to predict secondary structure from homologous RNA sequences.
January 2018. Welcome to Anaïs as a master intern and to Ali as a master student in the team.
November 2017. An interview of Aïda by Sophie Payeur (Université de Sherbrooke) talking about the research on the reconstruction of gene evolutionary histories: see the article.
September 28th 2017. Congratulations to Esaie, Manuel and Aïda for a paper accepted at Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology on Reconstructing protein and gene phylogenies using reconciliation and soft-clustering .
September 25th 2017. Sarah attended RiboClub2017 to present a poster on Identification an characterization of G-quadruplexes in human transcriptome.
September 25th 2017. Samuel attended RiboClub2017 to present a poster on A new tool for simultaneous and interactive visualization of the splice variants of multiple homologous genes.
September 25th 2017. Safa attended RiboClub2017 to present a poster on Aligning coding sequences with frameshift extension penalties.
August 30th 2017. Congratulations to Esaie who successfully passed his predoctoral examination. He is now a PhD Candidate.
July 31th 2017. Congratulations to Safa who successfully passed her proposal thesis examination.
June 14th 2017. Congratulations to Aïda and Nadia for a paper accepted at WABI’17 on A general framework for gene tree correction based on duplication-loss reconciliation.
May-June 2017. Welcome to Jean-Pierre as a new postdoc, to Nilson who is coming back for a second PhD visit, and to Raphaël and Samuel as summer undergraduate students in the team.
April 27th 2017. Congratulations to Doctor Jean-Pierre Sehi Glouzon who succesfully defended his PhD titled « Exploration des structures secondaires de l’ARN » at Université de Sherbrooke under the supervision of Shengrui Wang and Jean-Pierre Perreault.
March 17th 2017. Congratulations to Safa, Esaie, Ayoub, François, Michelle and Aïda for a paper accepted at Algorithms for Molecular Biology on Aligning coding sequences with frameshift extension penalties.
February 2nd 2017. New web site under construction! You are welcome to explore it for more information about the lab, our research and teaching.